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Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh, July 2021

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Overview of Hazard Incidences in July 2021

In July 2021, 15 different hazards took place across Bangladesh i.e. Covid-19 pandemic, Lightning, Fire, Building collapse, Boat capsize, Landslide, Flash flood, Riverbank erosion, Heavy rainfall, Embankment collapse, Earthquake, Waterlogging, Bridge collapse, Wild animal attack, and Tornado respectively. The most devastating Covid-19 affected newly a total of 339,358 persons across the country among which 6,227 persons died and 262,570 persons recovered in July 2021. Lightning was another severe hazard in terms of the death of 15 people and injury of 5 people, occurring in 11 districts. NDRCC reported a total of 306 Fire incidents throughout the country. However, from NDRCC Daily Disaster Reports and different dailies, detailed information of 22 fire incidents were found in which 79 people died and 32 people were injured. Building collapse took place in 8 districts where 8 died and 6 were injured. In 6 districts 6 people died and 8 people went missing due to Boat Capsize. Besides, 12 persons died and 10 were injured due to landslide in Cox’s Bazar. 22,800 families were affected in Mymensingh and 58,000 people were waterlogged in Rangpur district due to Flash flood. Riverbank erosion took place in 10 districts with huge losses of lives, properties, crops, and croplands. Moreover, heavy rainfall resulted in the death of 3 and 3 went missing in Cox’s Bazar district and caused severe communication disruption and huge loss of croplands. An embankment collapsed in Feni district where 9 villages were fully inundated & leaving 120 families affected. One incident of Earthquake was felt across 64 districts of the country. 7 incidents of waterlogging occurred in 5 districts. In total, 45,000 people became waterlogged, 42 villages inundated and 11 houses were damaged. Bridges collapsed in 4 districts. In Chattogram district one person died in a Wild animal attack. Moreover, Faridpur witnessed Tornado, where 5 people were injured.