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Back to School: Safe Water Means Education and Opportunity

Water Mission
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As the long days of summer come to a close, many families look forward to the excitement of a new school year. For millions of children around the world, however, being healthy enough to attend school is a luxury.

In Loma Negra, Peru, the water was so salty and contaminated, it caused illness and death for many years, especially among the town’s young children.

Nine-year-old Kiara and four-year-old Alonzo often missed school due to water-related illnesses. Their mother, Maria Esther, dreamed that her children would get an education and have a better life. But because of a lack of access to safe water in Loma Negra, she had no way to keep Kiara and Alonzo healthy and in school.

Caring partners came alongside Water Mission, enabling us to install a safe water solution that addressed the specific water conditions in Loma Negra. First, a reverse osmosis system removes dissolved contaminants—including salt—from the water. Next, residual disinfection ensures water remains safe until it is consumed.

“Thank the Lord, we are all healthy now,” Maria Esther shared. “Water is life.”

Now, Kiara and Alonzo can attend school and get an education, opening doors to a better future. Because they have safe water and no longer suffer from water-related illnesses, evenings are spent on homework, but also on the joys of childhood. They enjoy family time, drawing, and playing soccer with their father.

The whole community has benefited. Maria Esther says, “Now that we have safe water, the [people in the town] are not sick. The kids are healthier—and the parents are healthier, too. They don’t have to spend their time and resources on going to the doctor.”

Safe water builds education and transforms lives. As you and your own family prepare for the back-to-school season this fall, please keep in your prayers those children who long to learn. Prayerfully consider how you might bless these children with the safe water that will facilitate their education by allowing them to stay healthy and stay in school.