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Humanitarian crisis management programme: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - Monsoon Situation Report #6: Heavy rainfall across Rohingya camps (5 August 2021)

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Overall humanitarian context and needs

Cox’s Bazar recorded three millimeter of rainfall accumulation in the last 24 hours. Cox’s bazar is still recovering from last week’s intense and deadly weather phenomenon. Affected families are currently being supported with emergency relief items, infrastructural support and protection. Support is needed for food, water and hygiene kits including COVID-19 safety equipment, recovery of damaged local infrastructure, cash and non-food items.

In the last 24 hours, approximately 35 shelters and one WASH facility were reported to be partially damaged or destroyed in the camps.

BRAC has been active throughout the camps and host community areas with emergency response activities. Today, 41 shelter kits were provided to affected families in the camps. As the initial shock has subsided a little, along with providing the emergency response, BRAC team is doing repair and renovation with available resources. 37 latrines, 14 bathing cubicles, 11 deep tube wells,11 shallow tube wells were repaired, 10,560 pieces of aquatabs for water purification and 240 jerry cans for carrying safe drinking water were distributed. BRAC will continue to provide support throughout the camps and host community areas with specific needs and supporting families to rebuild their shelters where possible.