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Post distribution monitoring report: Small-scale Initiative post distribution monitoring (May 2021)

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Executive summary

This report summarizes the analysis from the post distribution monitoring conducted on the distribution of smallscale initiative start up kits, to aid reintegration of women and girls’ returnees, which conducted across the 8 sites of implementation in 4 LGAs, Maiduguri, Borno state, the project was implemented within the period of April 2019 to March 2021. Purposive sampling technique was used with quantitative questionnaire.

The findings shows that the selection process was fair, most of the beneficiaries got the type of livelihood they opted for before the distribution. The assessment shows the beneficiaries did not give anything to be selected or given the kits, the quality of the kits was also appreciated as most of the respondent said its very good with little percentage saying its fair.

Most of them also added that they have started making profit out of the business. Additionally, it shows a positive change in their livelihood and economic wellbeing. The findings also revealed that there is a positive change in community’s perception against these survivors as they are now economically independent which also led to positive relationship between them.

Some of the recommendations include the need to improve of community feedback mechanism as some of the participants complained of not having proper channel to address concerns with the SSI kits distributed, ensuring quality of distributed items is also of utmost importance for better sustainability and accountability. Better sensitization should be conducted at different levels and stages to enhance understanding and comprehension of information been passed on as some of the beneficiaries complained of missing some vital information with regards to the kits distributed leading them to sold it out.