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Safe and dignified movement of internally displaced persons, Cabo Delgado – December 2020

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The protection and humanitarian situation in Cabo Delgado is deteriorating at an alarming rate since mid-2020, with increasing violence displacing hundreds of thousands of women, girls, boys and men in northern Mozambique.

The deterioration of the situation has caused a number of IDPs to be concentrated mostly in the southern districts, due to safety and security as well as access to humanitarian assistance and essential services. With the escalating humanitarian situation in Cabo Delgado, the local government in Cabo Delgado created a Provincial Commission for Social Support and Reconstruction in September 2020, which has been engaged in the various relocations of IDPs at both provincial and district level. These activities have been implemented in close liaison and coordination with the humanitarian community.

Noting that movements are a primarily responsibility of the Government, this document was developed in coordination with the CCCM cluster, to be used to base the informed, safe, voluntary and dignified movement of internally displaced individuals after the observance of the principles endorsed the Protection Cluster in the Return, Relocation and Resettlement Guidelines, drafted in June 2020.