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When the desert becomes flooded: Climate change in Chad

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Chad is a Sahelian country of arid land, extreme temperatures and… floods.

When one pictures a dry area such as the Sahel, flooding is unlikely to be the first image that comes to mind. But arid and desertic landscapes are prime candidates for flooding; sand and dry land do not readily absorb water during heavy rains, meaning they quickly become flooded.

Climate change exacerbates weather variability, meaning droughts and floods are increasing. No country is immune to climate change, but a country’s preparedness - or lack thereof - will determine its level of vulnerability during climate-related extreme weather events. Chad's geography makes it particularly fragile. It is one of the world’s most environmentally degraded countries, particularly its western, northern and eastern provinces, where temperature increases are projected to be 1.5 times higher than in the rest of the world.

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