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Ukraine: Child protection sub-cluster newsletter June 2021 [EN/UK]

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CP sub-cluster news

In June CP sub-cluster in cooperation with Global Child protection area of responsibility and UNICEF Ukraine have conducted a 3-day training on MHPSS on the 3rd level of intervention. The training has covered 10 psychologists and PSS project specialists from 4 local NGOs and 1 international NGO. It is planned to contextualized thematic curriculums that were shared at the training to Ukrainian context, pilot them in the ongoing projects that partners are implementing. Later on the result of the contextualization efforts and piloting sessions will be finalized into a booklet with curriculums for 5 particular topics (Toxic stress, Low self-esteem, Grief, Anger, Fear) that are targeting children and adolescents age 7-11 and 12-17. These booklets are aimed for specialists without psychological background who work with children (such as teachers at schools etc). Piloting of the sessions is planned for the September 2021.


In June La Strada National Hot Line for Children and Youth in cooperation with UNICEF provided 7594 phone calls and messages from children, adolescents, youth and also adults, whose requests related children. 5900 phone calls and messages were received from girls and 1694 – from boys (in this amount of phone calls and messages also included the adult’s requests of information regarding girls and boys accordingly). The main inquiries addressed to the Hot Line are: Psychological health (loneliness, fears, suicide etc.); Violence/Abuse against children/Commercial exploitation of children; Relationships in the family; Legal matters and social protection; etc.

Terre Des Hommes in cooperation with UNICEF has covered 234 parents and caregivers with positive parenting sessions in June. In addition, psychologists continue to provide psychological support to children, adolescents, and youth online and offline, covering 201 children and youth in June .

Case Management Team as a part of mine victims assistance project continues to work with families that were identified earlier.

Ukrainian foundation for public health in cooperation with UNICEF has continued to support GBV mobile teams. In June 3186 beneficiaries received consultations (2588 female, 598 male). Out of total, 551 are children. The main topics of the requests were domestic violence, psychosocial support, violence outside the family.

Save the children conducted a research in order to analyze children’s safety in 18 schools along the Contact line and 43 schools located further from the Contact line. The research was conducted in consultations with children and with their direct involvement in data collection and the results were presented in 10 schools along the Contact line. The participatory research and the consultations with children, in conflict areas empowered children to build self-confidence and become agents of change in their communities, exercising child participation and advocating at different levels for realization of child rights, which will enable them to be responsible citizens in the future.

People in need continues to support 5 PSS mobile teams that operate in 0-5 km area next to the Contact line (Maryinskaia, Avdiivska, Ocheretynska, Toretska, Svitlodarska, Vuhledarska UTCs of Donetska oblast), Popasnianska UTC (Luganska obl.).

PIN cooperates with local NGO partners «Posmishka UA» and “Equilibrium” to provide PSS along the Contact line to expand community-based solutions by providing 153 PSS consultations and covering 20 unic beneficiaries: 15 %, 3 males; 85 %, 17 females; 10 %, 2 children (0 %, 0 boys; 100%, 2 girls); 90%, 18 adults (17 %, 3 male, 83%, 15 females).

In addition, 6 psychological awareness sessions were conducted for 37 beneficiaries (16%, 6 males, 84%, 31 females). The Psychological Hotline operates 24/7 free of charge by specially trained psychologists and received 740 calls (400 requests from men (54%) and 340 women (46%)).

Within social work, the social worker provided 10 consultations and covered 4 unique beneficiaries (50%, 2 males, 50%, 2 females).

In June within PSS activities and the expansion of social services PIN supported 2 community grantees in Zhovanka (Mayorsk “Zaitseve” village of Donetsk obl.), Zolote (Luhanska obl.):

1) Zhovanka - improving community center through the implementation of the project “Zhovanka. Point on map”. A variety of equipment was provided to meet the psycho-social needs of the community (fishing rods, chainsaws, scythes, wooden toilets, building materials, media equipment, etc.). Beneficiaries were covered - 101 people, including 47 men and 54 women.

2) Zolote - CBO "Zolotiy divosvit" together with the initiative group of local activists by Zolote, on the basis of Zolote multidisciplinary gymnasium began to implement the project "City of content - accessibility is the way to success", which covers 300 beneficiaries, including 50 men and 250 women.

Potentially, these 2 projects will cover around 400 people.

SOS children’s villages have started a new project component that is dedicated to individual support for families in order to help them receive financial stability. The organization has started a cycle of educational sessions that are covering financial literacy and awareness raising that is targeting vulnerable families as they have an urgent need for increase of their income. SOS children’s villages is supporting these families in order to help them achieve long-term financial independence. As a part of this component, families have received trainings on the following topics: “Preparation for a job interview”, “Effective communication”, “developing critical thinking” and others. Apart of that, participants will receive individual sessions with a coach, career enhancement trainings and professional trainings if they would like to receive a new profession.