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Ethiopia ShelterPedia : Technical Guidance on Response Options

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About this document

This document intends to guide humanitarian organizations in Ethiopia, involved in the Emergency Shelter and Non Food Items (NFI) responses to improve the living conditions, health, safety, privacy and dignity of the displaced affected population. In all contexts, careful assessment and analysis that incorporates conflict-sensitive approaches are required to ensure that responses meet the diverse needs of men, women, girls, and boys.
This document accompanies the Ethiopia Shelter & NFI Cluster Strategy 2019-2021 (under revision).

About the response

Responses should not exacerbate existing tensions or lead to other unwanted impacts, such as increased exposure of women to Gender Based Violence (GBV) risks, deprivation, or coercion. Shelter and NFI assistance must avoid promoting nonvoluntary population movements and not contribute to unnecessary secondary displacement or secondary occupation.
All response is based on a needs assessment. Response options should be flexible and can be adapted to the needs of a given situation.