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Mozambique: DTM Situation Overview | Displaced Families in Desportivo Transit Centre Bairro Ntandedi (Mueda sede locality), Mueda district 13 July 2021

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The ongoing insecurity situation in Palma has resulted in the increase of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Mueda district. Indicative findings from the IOM DTM Event Tracking Tool observed 736 individuals on the move in Ntandendi bairo between 30 June-13 July. On the 13 July, DTM monitoring teams conducted complementary assessments to monitor needs and conditions of IDPs hosted in Mueda's Desportivo Transit Centre. Findings from this assessment estimate 1,152 individuals (279 households) hosted in Desportivo Transit Centre. All key informant interviews attribute these displacements movements to heightened hostilities andfearsofinsecurityinPalma.

The first group of IDPs (an estimated 7 individuals) arrived at this location on February 14, 2021. The number of IDPs has steadily increased with the number of IDPs residing in the centre was reported to be 187 individuals before Palma attacks in March 2021. According to key informants, IDP families have received some form of shelter assistance (emergency shelter, shelter upgrade, and house/land property support) and food distribution, but the IDPs are still in desperate need of additional humanitarian assistance.