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Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 30 June - 13 July 2021

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Insecurity Insight
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01 January-24 June 2021 Aid Worker KKA is now available for download on our website or on HDX. Insecurity Insight continuously updates data on aid workers killed, kidnapped or arrested (KKA). Updated data includes new and historic reports identified in open-sources and verified security incidents submitted by Aid in Danger partner agencies.

Past editions: 16-29 June; 02-15 June.

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Safety, security and access incidents\
Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.\
Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ukraine and Yemen\
As reported on 09 June 2021: Multiple NGOs report an increase in intentional attacks on WASH facilities, with significant consequences for the health, education, and economic prosperity of those who rely on them. Source: DEVEX

Africa\ Central African Republic\ 27 June 2021: In Kadial locality, Togoro Kotya commune, Mopti region, a male aid worker was abducted by armed men while on board a transport truck. Source: L'essor mali

04 July 2021: In Abakar quartier, Kaga-Bandoro city, Nana-Grébizi prefecture, an NGO national aid worker contracted by a UN agency was shot and wounded by FACA (Central African Armed Forces) allegedly for not complying with instructions at a checkpoint. Source: AWSD1

05 July 2021: Near Tale, Nana Markounda commune, Ouham prefecture, a World Food Programme (WFP) convoy carrying food supplies was ambushed by Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC) rebels. Money was also reportedly stolen and eight motorbikes were set on fire during the attack. Source: Corbeau News

Ethiopia\ Vigil Insight Situation Report: The current ceasefire remains fragile as the Ethiopian government looks to reinforce defences around Tigray and the country's borders while the TDF seek to keep fighting to gain ground, adding to the complexity of aid access. This document from the 14 July provides an analysis of the current situation and the implications for aid agencies working there. This documentfrom the 16 July provides an update in the conflict. Since fighting began, 12 aid workers have been killed and five arrested. Access this data on HDX.

07-09 July 2021: In Filakit Gergera town, North Wollo zone, Amhara region, nine WFP trucks were blocked by local communities, forcing them to park for three days before returning on 9 July. According to the Meket woreda administrator, the trucks were blocked by youths who wanted to distribute the food amongst IDPs in the region. The administrator further stated the local authorities subsequently stopped and parked the trucks at the police station for safety reasons. Another woreda official however said that the North Wollo zone Peace and Security bureau instructed the administration to hold the vehicles until further notice, a statement which was subsequently denied by the woreda administrator. Source: Addis Standard and Reuters

Kenya\ 03 July 2021: In Keiyo Valley village, Keiyo North constituency, Elgeyo Marakwet county, an aid worker and a civilian were shot and killed by Pokot militia in what was reported as a retaliatory attack. Source: ACLED2

Mali\ 30 June 2021: Near Bara town, Ansongo commune, Gao region, a truck transporting food supplies for MINUSMA was attacked and damaged by armed perpetrators. Passengers in the truck were robbed. Source: ACLED2

03 July 2021: On the road between Diallasagou and Bankass, Bankass commune, Mopti region, two INGO aid workers and their driver were abducted by suspected Katiba Macina militants. Sources: ACLED2, L'essor Mali and Malijet

07 July 2021: In Diallassagou town, Bankass commune, Mopti region, INGO offices were vandalised by suspected Katiba Macina militants. Source: ACLED2

South Sudan\ 01 July 2021: In the Dolwaak area, Koch county, Unity state, aid workers from the LNGO Universal Intervention Development Organisation were robbed by armed perpetrators whilst travelling from Leer to Bentiu airport after their vehicle was ambushed. No injuries were reported but personal belongings were stolen, including US dollars and phones. Source: Radio Tamazuj

06 July 2021: Near Nestiu town, Juba county, two South Sudanese aid workers (one female staff from an INGO and one male staff from a partner NGO) were wounded when their group was ambushed and assaulted by unspecified perpetrators. Source: AWSD1

06 July 2021: Between Ngop payam and Cueibet town, Cueibet county, a NGO community health worker was shot and wounded by a group of unknown youths. Source: AWSD1

08-09 July 2021: In Marial Lou, Tonj North county, Warrap state, a WFP warehouse storing food supplies was looted after fighting broke out between youth groups on 8 July. Health centers, schools and churches were vandalised, shelters were burned down, and more than 5000 people were reportedly displaced. Sources: Reliefweb and Sudan Tribune

Asia\ China\ 06-07 July 2021: Amidst concerns that the Chinese Government is targeting LGBTQ+ online content and activism, the social media platform WeChat deleted dozens of accounts belonging to LGBTQ+ NGOs at universities, reportedly because they had broken laws and regulations governing online content. Others were suspended for alleged regulatory violations. Source: RFA

Middle East and North Africa\ Libya\ As reported on 01 July 2021: In Al Birkah district, Benghazi, Cyrenaica region, armed perpetrators attacked an unspecified number of Libyan Red Crescent Society volunteers. The perpetrators were subsequently pushed back by security forces. Source: ACLED2

Occupied Palestinian Territories\ 12 July 2021: In Um Qusa, South Hebron province, Israeli authorities confiscated a trailer that served as a clinic operated by MSF and which provided mental health services to residents of the community. Sources: MSF and Twitte

Syrian Arab Republic\ 06 July 2021: At the UNSC, Russia failed to participate in negotiations on a draft UN resolution which would have authorised the delivery of aid into Syria via two new border crossings, including the Al-Yaroubiya crossing from Iraq to the mainly Kurdish-controlled northeast, in addition to re-authorising the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Turkish border in the northwest. China rejected the draft proposal on 7 July. An amended proposal suggested the delivery of humanitarian aid solely through the Bab al-Hawa crossing, for which the UNSC is expected to vote on 16 July. Kurdish authorities and INGOs have slammed the UNSC for failing to reopen the crossing. Sources: The New Arab I and The New Arab II

The Americas\ Venezuela\ 02 July 2021: In Santa Ana de Coro, Falcon state, Bolivarian National Intelligence Services (SEBIN) forces arrested three male LNGO workers. Their whereabouts remained unknown for 24 hours and they were later charged with terrorism charges. A fourth male worker of another LNGO was also arrested, but was released eight hours later. The arrest came after the director reported harassment by alleged intelligence service and local police agents to the Attorney General's office. Sources: Amnesty International, DW |