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DRC: Floods in Sake, North Kivu - Final Report DREF n° MDRCD031

RD Congo
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Description of the disaster
On 1 October 2020, the city of Saké and its surroundings in the Masisi Territory, North Kivu Province, experienced flooding following heavy rains, causing material damage and loss of life. The city of Saké is located about 25 km from the city of Goma, with a population of 108,249. At least ten people were reported dead as a result of the floods and three people were reported missing. The rainfall caused erosion, resulting in enormous damage with the bridge over the Kihira River linking the SakéMasisi road and Saké-Minova road washed away.

This also led to a breakdown in communications between Goma-Masisi on the one hand and between Goma and South Kivu on the other. Houses were washed away with everything they contained, schools were flooded, fields and pastures for cows, sheep and goats were under water. Some 3,825 people were affected and moved into 339 host families.

Soon after the disaster, the DRC Red Cross in Saké deployed 30 volunteers to the different sites for first aid, search and rescue and rapid assessment on 2 October 2020. The volunteers also ensured the community was sensitized on the risks of water-borne diseases. Restoring family links (RFL) was also ensured by volunteers who traced families of children separated from their parents. The following were the findings of the initial assessment:
• 428 households were identified for the NFI kits
• 189 households were identified for the Shelter Kit
• Need for isolation shelters for COVID-19 cases identified

After an initial assessment, several partners assisted the people affected in diverse areas so as to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure that the same people were not assisted twice with the same kind of support. The DRC Red Cross, in collaboration with community leaders and the political and administrative authorities, based on the various lists of assistance already provided, carried out a door-to-door census of the victims to identify those who had not yet received assistance.

In response, DRC RC launched CHF 143,447 DREF operation with support from IFRC to provide immediate support to 5,520 people (1,104 households) affected by the disaster for three months. In January 2021, Operation Update 1 was published to allow a no cost timeframe extension of two months to enable IFRC and DRC Red Cross (DRC RC) to complete the procurement process to replenish shelter tool kits distributed to affected families during the response. This challenge was due to a change in the global stock borrowing system, with a new lead time for delivery in midMarch 2021. Unfortunately, by the third week of March 2021, the procurement was still not completed. To avoid penalising the National Society by not replenishing, Operation Update 2 was published to inform stakeholders of a one month no-cost timeframe extension during which procurement was finalized. Overall, the operational timeframe was 6 months, of which 3 of active response.