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COVID-19 Outbreak 16-month update

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COVID-19 Federation-wide Overview


Over the 16-month period covered by this report, the Federation-wide response to COVID-19 follows the same harmonized and transparent approach to accountability across the global Red Cross Red Crescent network of National Societies and the IFRC.

The IFRC’s operational framework continues to focus on three priorities: I) Sustaining Health and WASH, II) Addressing Socio-economic impact, and III) Strengthening National Societies. As the pandemic continues, sustaining health and WASH remains the key focus in the response, particularly with the immunization activities gradually being reported by an increasing number of National Societies.

The financial and response data in this report is as of 05 July 2021. Disaggregated data, and more details on Individual National Society data is available in COVID-19 Indicator Tracking Tool dashboard on GO platform.