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Natural disaster situation from the beginning of 2021 (As of July 15, 2021)

Viet Nam
Govt. Viet Nam
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From the beginning of 2021 until now, there have been 02 storms and 02 tropical depressions in the East Sea, of which the storm No. 2 (June 11-13) landed in the regional provinces from Thai Binh to North Nghe An, 69 mild earthquake, 168 hail, thunderstorm, lightning; 05 cold waves, northeast monsoon, in which the strongest cold and damaging cold wave is from January 7-13, 2021; 30 heavy rains, local floods, including 02 tube floods, flash floods, 106 riverbank landslides and 05 heat waves.

As of 2pm on July 15, 2021, natural disasters from the beginning of the year have caused the following damage:

  • Regarding people: 29 people died, 39 people were injured;

  • Regarding housing: 86 houses completely collapsed, 5,151 houses were damaged, roofs removed;

  • Regarding livestock production: 4,539 livestock and poultry died (2,358 cattle, 2,181 poultry died);

  • Regarding cultivation: 68,203 hectares of rice, vegetables and 6,046 hectares of crops were damaged.

  • Regarding dykes and irrigation: 4.96 km of dikes, embankments, canals were damaged and eroded.

  • Regarding traffic: 7.4km of roads collapsed; 27,915 m3 of soil, rock, concrete.

Estimated value of damage is about 171 billion VND.


  • Successfully organized a nationwide online conference on natural disaster prevention and control and search and rescue in 2021 on June 4, 2021, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh - Chairman of the Central Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control.

  • The Prime Minister has issued 03 Officials directing the response and overcoming of consequences of natural disasters;

  • On the afternoon of July 7, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh - Head of the committee chaired a meeting of the Steering Committee to respond to tropical storms and heavy rain.

  • The Standing Steering Committee held 04 meetings to direct the response to storms and tropical depressions.

  • The Central Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, the Standing Office of the Central Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control has issued 08 Official Letters and 25 documents directing ministries, sectors and localities to take initiative in responding to natural disasters;

The Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control sent 04 teams to inspect and direct the response to floods in Lao Cai and Thai Nguyen provinces and coordinate to respond to tropical depressions on July 7-8 in Thai Binh, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh provinces.