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Uganda [Karamoja Region]: Integrated Food Security Phase Classification Snapshot | February 2021 - January 2022)

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Karamoja, located in the northeast, is one of the poorest regions in Uganda, with income poverty at 61% and food poverty at 70% (UNHS, 2016/17). The population is mainly rural, with livelihoods based on livestock and crop production, and of recent, a growing range of diversified livelihood activities. The region continues to have the highest food insecurity and malnutrition levels in Uganda due to factors related to inadequate food, poor dietary diversity, structural poverty, limited livelihood options, poor hygiene and sanitation, and disease, with a recent overall improvement in safe water source access but low water use. The region also faces a predisposition to recurrent climate-related shocks such as extended mid-season dry spells/drought, erratic rainfall that often causes floods/waterlogging, and the COVID-19 pandemic.