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Burundi: Floods April 2021 Operation Update Report 1 DREF Operation n° MDRBI018

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Operation Update is to inform stakeholders of the progress on implementation since onset of the floods, as well as request a two months no-cost timeframe extension to accommodate delays linked with procurement of household items and financial service provider (FSP) contracting process.

In addition, the shelter construction activities have also been stalled by the delay in procurement of shelter items.
Indeed, there were some derogations needed for local procurement to be conducted for household items. This has been finalized and the NS is now awaiting delivery from supplier by ending July.

The new end date for the operation is 30 September 2021 for an overall timeframe of five months. This will allow for proper completion of pending activities including Shelter construction and cash distribution.