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WHO SEAR: COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report Week #26 (28 June – 04 July 2021)

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  • South East Asia Region (SEAR) remains the third most affected WHO Region with 35.2 million cases, after the Americas Region (72.8 million cases) and European Region (56.2 million cases). For the second consecutive week there has been an increase in new cases globally with a 2.8% increase between week 25 and 26.
    During this period, all WHO regions except Americas have reported increase in new cases.

  • In the SEAR, after seven consecutive weeks of decline, there has been 6.9% increase in new cases (n=612 933) between week 25 and 26. While India, which accounts for 51% of all new cases in the Region continues to report declining trend, Bangladesh (53.8% increase), Indonesia (34.6% increase) and Thailand (46.8% increase) continue to report increase of new cases. These three countries account for 43.3% of new cases in SEAR. Myanmar continues to report a noteworthy increase in new cases (138.3%) as well.

  • More than 436 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered by ten countries in the SEA Region with more than 357 million doses (81%) in India alone.

  • All ten countries providing COVID-19 Vaccination are now providing first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccine