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CONRED system attended 528 incidents during the 2020-2021 forest fire season

Govt. Guatemala
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Informative Bulletin No. 339-2021

In December 2020, the National Disaster Reduction Coordination System -CONRED- activated the National Protocol for the 2020-2021 Forest Fire Season, which was deactivated on July 1, 2021, attending a total of 528 fires. between foresters and non-foresters.

During the establishment of this season, the Executive Secretariat of CONRED, deployed a total of 150 elements distributed in 15 Brigades of Response to Forest Fires -BRIF-GUA-, in strategic places that annually have a higher incidence per fire season. Accompanying the different first response bodies in the country.

In total, 345 fires were attended to in forest areas, with Quiché, Guatemala and Huehuetenango being the departments that reported the most incidents of this type.As for fires in non-forest areas, 183 events were responded to, in this section Guatemala , Petén and Zacapa were the departments with the highest incidence.

On the other hand, these events generated damages in 10 thousand 012.09 hectares of the national territory. CONRED reports that this season has been the one with the least number of hectares affected in Guatemalan territory, since last 2018, due to the actions implemented by the system during the fire pre-suppression stage.

In order to apply the liquidation and fire fighting actions, inter-institutional coordination was necessary for the application of both land and air techniques.

In this way, the fire season is concluded, but the preparation for the 2021-2022 season is already beginning, through the strengthening of the capacities and response team that the CONRED System has. In search of achieving actions to reduce the impact of these events in the country.

We remind the population that for reporting incidents, they can contact the 119 of CONRED, available 24 hours a day, all year round. And to report an incident it is extremely important that you locate a recognizable reference point so that when the fire brigades arrive they can act immediately.