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Polio this week as of 07 July 2021

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  • In the recently concluded Paris-held Generation Equality Forum, the World Health Organization announced multiple commitments to drive change for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in all their diversity. One of the commitments the organisation made is to support countries to address gender-related barriers to polio vaccination, collect and analyse sex-disaggregated data to ensure girls and boys are reached equally, and to increase women’s meaningful participation and decision-making across all levels of the polio eradication programme… Read more

  • The co-chairs of the Regional Subcommittee for Polio Eradication and Outbreaks Eastern Mediterranean Region, Dr Abdul Rahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, UAE’s Minister of Health and Prevention and Dr Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population in Egypt, address the challenges and solutions for eradicating polio in this op-ed titled: Let’s embrace the challenges we face to eradicate polio.

  • GPEI has made available the Polio Eradication Strategy 2022-2026 Stakeholder Consultation Report which provides an outline of the strategy consultation process, as well as a summary of feedback received and responses from the authors of the strategy in relation to key points raised and questions asked.

  • Summary of new WPV and cVDPV viruses this week (AFP cases and ES positives):

    • Pakistan: one WPV1 positive environmental sample
    • Afghanistan: one cVDPV2 case
    • DR Congo: one cVDPV2 case
    • Yemen: one cVDPV1 case