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Cereal supply and demand balances for sub-Saharan African countries, Situation as of June 2021

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The Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS) continuously monitors crop prospects and food security situation at global, regional, national and sub-national levels and warns of impending food difficulties and emergencies. Established in the wake of the world food crisis of the early 1970s, GIEWS maintains a unique database on all aspects of food supply and demand for every country of the world. The System regularly provides policy makers and the international community with up‑to‑date information so that timely interventions can be planned and suffering avoided.

The FAO/GIEWS Country Cereal Balance System (CCBS) is a database of annual supply and utilization balances for main cereals, covering all countries of the world. Since 1980, the FAO/GIEWS Team maintains and updates it continually.

This statistical report contains a subset of CCBS data and presents updated cereal supply and demand balances for all sub-Saharan African countries. It complements the information of the FAO/GIEWS Crop Prospects and Food Situation report and is published four time a year with the same schedule.
This report is based on information available as of June 2021.