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Linking cash and voucher assistance with social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean - Systematization Document (11-6-2021)

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Period: March- May 2021

1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to systematize the process of organizing the Regional Learning Event on "Linking Cash and Voucher Assistance with Social Protection Systems", convened by REDLAC and the Regional Cash Working Group -R4V for May 20th, 2021.

The Grand Bargain's Working Cash Workstream, specifically its subgroup on "Linking Social Protection with Humanitarian Cash Transfers" identified the need to improve dialogue and knowledge sharing between different humanitarian and social protection actors. The Regional Learning Event and its documentation seek to contribute to this in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The objectives were:

• Promote dialogue between social protection and humanitarian actors about cash transfers.

• To collectively learn to identify linkages in practice, and to open dialogue on challenges and opportunities.
To this end, the following actions were carried out, led by a team formed by CashCap and the World Food Program with the collaboration of SPACE and OCHA.

I. Concept note: a concept note is elaborated, and agreement is reached on the work plan, roles and responsibilities, conceptual framework to be used and the tools (form and videos) are elaborated - 22/02- 23/03.

II. Call for examples: all actors in the region are invited to share examples, good practices, and challenges of the linkages between social protection and cash transfers, through a "Call for examples" in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese - 23/03- 16/04 III. Review of proposals: All proposals are reviewed, analyzing the linkages, diversity, and inclusiveness of the dialogue, alignment with the conceptual framework, and learning objectives -19/04-07/05.

IV. Invitation to panelists: Organizations are invited to a meeting to propose a dialogue on their role as a panelist, feedback, format proposal, tools, and instructions - 07/05-10/05.

V. Catalog of experiences: The experiences are documented through the information provided in the form and audiovisual media (optional) - 11/05-25/05.

VI. Regional Online Event: A regional event was organized in Spanish with simultaneous translation in English, gathering more than 20 panelists from 5 Governments, 3 UN agencies, 4 International NGOs, 1 Dutch Red Cross, 1 National NGO. 20/05 VII. Systematization and dissemination: Documentation of the process, tools, experiences, event, and audience feedback - 27/05- 04/06