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Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen Desert Locust Crisis Appeal (January 2020 – December 2021)

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A desert locust upsurge is still underway in the Greater Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, while the situation has returned to normal in Southwest Asia and the potential spread to West Africa was stopped in July 2020, thanks to massive control operations from May to July 2020 in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

As anticipated, although substantial control operations are underway, the battle to control the desert locust is not yet over.

In response, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has revised its previously published desert locust crisis appeal, providing an update and extension of FAO's funding requirements for rapid response and sustained action in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen to address the ongoing desert locust crisis.

This extended appeal will therefore focus on extended surveillance and control operations in Ethiopia and Somalia, with continued surveillance and readiness to conduct control operations in Yemen.