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UNICEF Cameroon Humanitarian Situation Report No. 5: May 2021

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As of May 2021, Cameroon has the fourth highest fatality rate for COVID-19 in Africa. Vaccine demand is extremely low. Out of the 391,200 COVID-19 vaccine doses received via COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX), only 36,191 AstraZeneca doses were administered.

Since January 2021, 14,592 conflict affected children have received measle vaccinations in the NW/SW regions. In the Far-North region, 8,797 children with severe acute malnutrition have been admitted to a treatment center in May. In the East region, 16,955 people accessed safe channels to report sexual exploitation and abuse.

The HAC 2021 remains significantly underfunded. Without additional resources, UNICEF Cameroon will not be able to provide mental and psychosocial services to children with immediate, lifesaving needs or adequately protect those displaced from violence, exploitation, and abuse.