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The Manchester Briefing (Issue 39)

Univ. Manchester
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This week’s Manchester Briefing (Issue 39) details our new international standard ‘ISO/TS 22393 Guidelines for planning Recovery and Renewal’. ISO/TS 22393 provides a framework for how to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on communities, and address these through transactional recovery activities and transformational renewal initiatives.

We share lessons from:

  • UK – future priorities for communities

  • Tanzania & Pakistan – good practice community participation

  • Red Cross – strategies to address core humanitarian issues

  • OECD – resilience in the SME sector

  • Australia – equitable and viable city centres

  • Peru & Malawi – social innovation for emergency response

  • Colombia – the inclusion of refugees in social protection

Our case study explores Gender and COVID-19, featuring a guest blog by Abbie Winton AMBS on ‘Gender and food retailing’."