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Operationalisation of consensual One Health roadmaps in countries for improved IHR capacities and health security

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Stephane de la Rocque, Guillaume Belot, Kaylee Marie Myhre Errecaborde, Rajesh Sreedharan, Artem Skrypnyk, Tanja Schmidt, Nicolas Isla, Tieble Traore, Ambrose Talisuna , Gyanendra Gongal, Dalia Samhouri, François Caya, Maud Carron, Nirmal Kandel, Jun Xing, Stella Chu

Summary box

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is a devastating reminder that mitigating the threat of emerging zoonotic outbreaks relies on our collective effort and capacity to work across human health, animal health and environment sectors.

  • Coordination between human health, animal health and environment sectors in countries can be improved when the International Health Regulations (IHR) and World Organisation of Animal Health’s Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) frameworks are viewed in tandem, as accomplished through the IHR-PVS National Bridging Workshops (NBWs).

  • An analysis of NBW activities and collaborative indicators reported by countries in the Joint External Evaluation reveals that countries tend to overestimate their capacities at the human–animal–environment interface.

  • A deeper, more nuanced discussion between professionals highlights the need for concrete foundations of multisectoral coordination in international frameworks for evaluation, ultimately supporting improved global health security through the implementation of the IHR.