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IOM Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific: Emergency and Post-Crisis Programs

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The IOM Department of Operations and Emergencies oversees the full spectrum of IOM’s migration crisis related activities. It coordinates IOM’s participation in humanitarian responses, provides migration services in emergencies or post-crisis situations and promotes stabilization, transition and recovery at the individual and community levels.
In addition the department coordinates with and advises other migration services within the Organization on areas such as health, climate change, humanitarian border management and counter-human trafficking when relevant to crisis contexts. It further oversees individual specialized initiatives related to humanitarian principles, protection mainstreaming and protection from sexual abuse and exploitation.

IOM HQ and regional offices provide technical support to field efforts, particularly in responding to forced migration and large-scale population displacement including protracted internal and cross-border displacement; deliver strategic recommendations on both policy and operational issues; and provide guidance to field operations on project development and implementation as well as agency coordination.

In IOM’s regional office for Asia and the Pacific, based in Bangkok, the Senior Emergency and Post-Crisis Specialists are responsible for project review and endorsement as well as providing technical and strategic guidance and on the ground support to field offices, including during emergency times. These Specialists closely coordinate with headquarters to ensure that the work in the region is informed and aligned with global frameworks, strategic priorities and programmatic updates.

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