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Humanitarian crisis management programme: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - HCMP Communiqué (May 2021)

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Approximately 2,570 houses in Cox's Bazar were damaged by the storm triggered by Cyclone Yaas. The areas that were affected by the storm include Matarbari, Chowfaldandi, Kutubdia and Maheshkhali. Field-level work is going on to assess the loss in salt, fish, cultivation, forest and rural road sectors. People who were affected received 200 packets of water and hot-meals at Delpara and Sonarpara Cyclone Centres in Wards 4 and 3 of Jalia Palang Union, Ukhia. BRAC staff supported communities with life-saving information in areas of high risk and engaged in government initiatives.

Senior officials of BRAC with Hasina Akhter Huq, Area Director of Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme (HCMP), visited camps 22 and 23 in Ukhiya. During the visit, she spent time with the children and adolescents in the camp, and she highlighted the health risks amidst the COVID-19 situation, safety, and importance of home education for the children there. In addition, safety of women and children, as well as critical health risk programmes were planned for the next day. She added, that BRAC will collaborate with the government and implement these programmes in the future.