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Explosive Weapons Monitor, May 2021

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At least one death or injury from the use of explosive weapons was recorded in 21 countries and territories in May 2021. The five most affected countries/territories in terms of civilian casualties resulting from the use of explosive weapons were the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Israel, Syria, and Myanmar. Worldwide, there were 360 recorded incidents of explosive weapon use, causing 3,071 casualties, of which 2,570 (84%) were civilians.
There were 61 incidents of explosive weapon use affecting aid access, education and healthcare services in seven countries.
A high number of incidents affected the provision of education in Myanmar (32), and healthcare services in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (14). This data includes some data were the device did not detonate or where there were no civilian casualties, and may include some incidents where historical items such as unexploded ordnance were found and which affected the provision of these services.