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Hinterland Flooding, Guyana: Situation Report No 1, as of 12pm on 10 June 2021

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Above normal rainfall and hinterland flooding in Guyana

An update from Guyana’s Civil Defense Commission (CDC) on 10 June, 2021 reported the following:

● A Tropical Wave embedded within the ITCZ is currently affecting Guyana resulting in heavy rainfall during the month of May, which has continued into June.

● Spatial comparison between the total rainfall for May 2021 against the May Normal (average for 1991-2020) suggests that there was significant increase in rainfall across the country during May of this year.

● Rainfall totals for May (2021) was 607.7mm, the second highest rainfall total for the month of May across the country since 1981.

● The latest seasonal rainfall outlook suggests that wetter than usual or above normal rainfall can be expected through Guyana during the period June to August 2021.

● During this period, an increase in the number of wet days and 7 days extreme wet spells can be expected.

● Flooding remains a concern at least for period June into mid July especially in areas that are already under water and mudslides are a concern over hilly areas.

● Critical and extremely affected Regions in Guyana are being monitored closely to evaluate the impact of observed weather conditions over the next two 2 weeks on current flood levels and resulting impacts