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Messages of condolence for Afghanistan

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Following the devastating attack on HALO staff in Afghanistan on 8th June we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from across the world.

At 21:50 local time on June 8, ten HALO staff were killed and 16 injured in a devastating attack by an unknown armed group at a demining camp in the Baghlan Province of Afghanistan.

We have been overwhelmed by the messages of condolence that we have received from HALO's friends, partners and supporters around the world. We are honoured to be able share these tributes with you.


"In all, 26 members of The HALO Trust’s Afghanistan team were killed or injured on Tuesday night in what was nothing less than an act of barbarism. I honour those who have been lost and encourage support for the survivors and the families of those affected.

Those who work for HALO in Afghanistan face risks every day to remove the lasting—and still deadly—scars of war and conflict. The men who were attacked come from the very communities in which they work. They joined HALO to protect and restore their country and their homes. As I understand it, the deminers who lost their lives were also protecting their friends.

These workers put their lives on the line every day to make the world a safer place. This brutal act reminds us that we must stand in solidarity with humanitarian aid workers and the communities they serve.

I would urge all of HALO’s supporters across the world to rally to their cause and help in any way they can."