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Northern Ethiopia: Tigray, Afar, Amhara – Urgent call for assistance

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The ongoing conflict in Tigray has led to a humanitarian crisis characterized by alarmingly high levels of food insecurity, gender-based violence, widespread displacement, limited access to services, and the destruction of the local economy. As of June 2021, conflict and insecurity have displaced almost 2 million people across Tigray and into neighbouring regions. Consequently, more than 5.5 million people in northern Ethiopia require emergency assistance, representing nearly 61 percent of the analyzed population; of whom 2 million require urgent livelihood assistance. The conflict commenced at the peak of the main agricultural season (Meher) harvest period when many households had not yet harvested their crops. It is estimated over 90 percent of the crop harvest was lost (looted, burned and/or destroyed) and 15 percent of the region’s 17 million livestock were reported looted or slaughtered. Given that the majority of households depend on subsistence agriculture, the loss of their harvest and production inputs has severely impacted their food security and nutrition.