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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief May 2021

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Safety, security and access incidents

Incidents of threats and violence in refugee and IDP settings.


Burkina Faso

24 May 2021: In Ouahigouya town, Yatenga province, six Fulani IDPs family members were kidnapped overnight by Koglweogo volunteer fighters (VDP). Source: ACLED

As reported on 25 May 2021: The Burkinabe Government has banned local and foreign journalists from visiting IDP camps, citing their safety and the dignity of those displaced for the ban. Source: Al Jazeera


04 May 2021: In Mutaho refugee camp, Mutaho commune, Gitega province, a refugee was tortured and injured by police. Source: ACLED

Democratic Republic of the Congo

05 May 2021: In Kabara village, Fizi territory, South Kivu province, three IDP women looking for food in their fields were abducted by Gumino militiamen and taken to Kamombo, Gumino’s headquarters, and killed. Sources: ACLED and Actualite

18 May 2021: At the Mpati refugee camp, Masisi territory, North Kivu province, the Alliance des patriotes pour un Congo libre et souverain APCLS/Nyatura Abazungu) coalition fighters attacked the camp, killing an IDP woman and stealing 22 goats. Source: ACLED


24 May 2021: In Shire town, North Western zone, Tigray region, Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers detained over 500 men and women from IDP camps. Several men were beaten, and their phones and money confiscated. Source: Reuters


06 May 2021: The Malawian Government announced a plan to enforce a policy from last April to forcibly relocate approximately 2,000 people back into a designated refugee camp. A court injunction has prevented the relocation, but authorities have appealed. Source: VOA


03 May 2021: In Macomia town, three girls, at least one of whom was an IDP, were reported missing after going to a well to fetch water. Source: Cabo Ligado Weekly