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Yemen Joint Market Monitoring Initiative: May 2021 Situation Overview

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Key findings

•Overall, exchange rates have slightly increased between April 2021 and May 2021. However, The median national exchange rate remained stable with 597 Yemeni Riyal (YER) to one US dollar (USD). The lowest exchange rate was recorded in Al Hudaydah (593 YER to 1 USD). The highest exchange rate was recorded in Shabwah (900 YER to 1 USD), followed by Hadramaut governorate (896 YER to 1 USD).

• The average reported restocking time increased for all assessed items, after a decrease was observed in the last round of data collection in April.

• The reported total number of business closed in the last 2 weeks within a 2 minute walk from KIs’ stalls increased to reach 135 markets compared to last round in April with a total of 82 businesses reported to be closed around the assessed markets.

• Price inflation remains the most commonly reported constraint faced by the assessed vendors when obtaining fuel, WASH items, food items, and water trucking services.

• The food SMEB cost (with dry beans) was found to have increased by 1.6% since the last round of data collection in April, and the WASH SMEB cost increased by 0.2% since last round, contributing to a 1.3% increase in the overall SMEB cost.

•Overall, 14% of KIs reported that their supply routes changed in a way harmful to their business in the 30 days prior to data collection.