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Ukraine: Health Cluster Bulletin #12 (April - May 2021)

Health Cluster
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Health Cluster – Summary

Health Cluster and WHO continued to coordinate health partners throughout Ukraine and particularly in the eastern conflict area (ECA). In April and May, the Cluster conducted four coordination meetings, including questions and answers (Q&A) sessions on relevant health topics such as quality assurance process for personal protective equipment, laboratory diagnostics of COVID-19 in Donetska and Luhansk oblasts, GCA and WHO Emergency Care System Framework.

Health Cluster developed the Incident Management COVID-19 5W Dashboard to visualize COVID-19 related activities and supplies. The dashboard reflects COVID-19 activities from all Health Cluster partners and includs inputs from WASH and Protection Clusters. With support of partners, the Cluster also completed data collection and analysis of HRP activities for Q1 2021.

Health Cluster in partnership with REACH Initiative initiated an assessment to analyze Donetsk and Luhansk GCA residents’ perceptions about health status, access to healthcare and healthcare services. The assessment will contribute to a wider-scale Health Assessment coordinated by the Health Cluster and aims to fill information gaps defined in the Public Health Situation Analysis (PHSA).

From 19 to 30 April Health Cluster conducted a two-weeks mission to Donetska and Luhanska oblasts, GCA. Objectives of the mission included meeting Health Cluster partners, assessing COVID-19 and humanitarian health response, visits to primary and secondary health facilities and assessment of Emergency Medical Services. Results of the mission are currently being applied for informing preparedness and response operations.

From 3 to 15 May Health Cluster in partnership with WHO conducted Rapid Assessment of ten health facilities in Donetska and Luhanska oblasts, GCA. The assessment was conducted using a specific tool designed for on sites visits.
Assessment findings will be considered for the 2022 Humanitarian Need Overview (HNO).

Health Cluster conducted consultations related to potential escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. As a result, the cluster developed a sectoral contingency plan, to become part of the inter-agency plan of the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG).