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Turkey: Formalization of Business Survey, November 2019

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1. Introduction

Concern livelihoods team working for the UNHCR-funded livelihood project has been carrying out interviews with Syrian business owners and visiting them to brief them about the Concern’s technical and financial support. Concern identified and visited 28 unregistered businesses in the last three months and 20 of them accepted to answer the survey questions.

2. Findings

Out of 20 businesses, 50 per cent are running basic trading shops and 30 per cent of them are managing market. Distribution of business activity types is summarized in the Chart 1. It is also noteworthy that 50 per cent of business owners hold bachelor or master degree. (Chart 2)

Business owners were also asked about their average daily earning excluding their fixed expenditures or other operation costs. As Chart 3 indicates, 70 per cent of the visited businesses generate average earning between 51-100 TRY, while those who generate less than 50 or those who generate more than 200 make up 5 per cent separately.

As for the reasons of not registering their businesses, all respondents identified financial reasons while 50 per cent also stated that they lack information on how to register a business. (Chart 4) Asked about the challenges they are facing in doing business, 50 per cent stated unstable exchange rates as the primary impeding reason. It is also significant that 25 per cent of them described language barrier as a challenge. (Chart 5)