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Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Gender-Based Violence Dashboard - Quarter 1, January - March 2021

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Govt. Uganda
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Awareness-raising remains key to improve understanding of GBV, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), human trafficking and strengthening the used of existing mechanisms to report such incidents, including through the development and dissemination of simplified referral pathways. Basic assistance for vulnerable individuals will continue with a view to reduce reliance on negative coping mechanisms and exposure to GBV risk. Investment in infrastructure and assets is also crucial in preventing and responding to GBV, including installation of security lights in common areas, establishment of safe spaces and wellness centres for women, psychosocial, medical and legal supports for GBV survivors, and procurement of additional vehicles and motorcycles to enhance police mobility on patrol and outreach. Linkages with the Livelihood & Resilience sector are of particular importance, both in terms of prevention (economic empowerment of men and women) and response (livelihood support for GBV survivors).