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Southern Africa Region: Market Watch Issue #6 (May 2021)

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  • Globally maize prices remain at their highest level since mid-2013.

  • Regional maize prices are seasonally declining in response to the harvest in most countries in the region, driven by above normal harvest prospects. In the case of Malawi and Zambia, prices started decreasing earlier than normal this year.

  • Although maize prices are on a downward trend in line with the harvest season, they are still 10% higher than the five-year average (5YA) in South Africa, 19% higher than the 5YA in Mozambique and 30% higher than the 5YA in Zambia.

  • Prices especially of internationally competitive maize (i.e. South Africa) are likely to be held up by high demand in the international market and transmitted to countries that rely on imports from South Africa (i.e. BNLS countries).