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North-West Syria – Shelter & NFI Emergency Overview (April 2021)

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Displacement Updates in North-West Syria

Some 2.7 million IDPs are living in north-west Syria, bringing the total population to over 4.4 million.

12,089 IDPs were displaced in April, which is a decrease from the previous months and the lowest number reported by HNAP in the past 12 months. A significant 92% of the newly displaced have been displaced three or more times.

Around 57% of the IDPs displaced in April arrived in camp locations. Out of these, the vast majority are staying in tents (77%), locally made harder material shelters (12%) or refugee housing units (7%). As for the IDPs that were displaced into non-camp settings, some 81% are staying in finished apartments or houses, however, a considerable 9% have had to seek shelter in unfinished buildings and another 8% in tents.


SNFI Cluster members continue to actively respond to the needs of the newly displaced population as well as protracted IDPs north-west Syria.

In April, more than 110,000 individuals received NFI assistance in the form of NFI kits, kitchen sets, mattresses, jerry cans, carpets, solar lamps, tarpaulin and blankets, or in form of multi-purpose cash transfers. Of those reached with NFI assistance in April 2021, approximately 51 percent were female, and 49 percent were male.

Shelter needs over 42,000 people were responded to in April 2021, including the provision of emergency shelter, shelter rehabilitation and transitional shelters. Around 3,500 individuals were reached with infrastructure improvements in IDP sites such as roads gravelling and drainage systems. Of those reached with shelter assistance in April 2021, approximately 51 percent were female, and 49 percent were male.