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Gaza - Cash Working Group (CWG): Emergency May 2021 #2

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This paper is meant to be a living document, to be regularly updated according to the evolving situation in Gaza and the needs and priorities identified by CWG members. In the current version (#2), the aim of the document is to collect and systematize the CVA activities planned for under the Flash Appeal.


Hostilities erupted since the evening of Sunday 09th May 2021. From the following day Kerem Shalom crossing point remained closed, while Salah alDin gate reopened for the passage of goods after the end of Eid alFitr (OCHA Flash update #7). Kerem Shalom was briefly opened on 18th May to allow import of fuel; but only 5 trucks out of 24 entered before it was shut again; 500,000 litres of Egyptian imported fuel were delivered on 18th May through Salah Ad Din gate with Egypt (OCHA Flash update #8).

Ceasefire entered into effect at 2:00am on 21st May. About 8,500 IDPs still remain in displacement. Provision of electricity and piped water still remains limited. Fishing is now allowed but only up to six nautical miles from the cost (OCHA SitRep #1)

The InterAgency Contingency Plan (IACP) and connected Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) were deactivated on May 23rd and the coordination is back to usual ICCG.
On May 27th the UN launched a joint Flash Appeal for the immediate humanitarian and early recovery responses for the coming 3 months.


Three types of CVA interventions are considered in response to the recent crisis: Sectoral CVA, Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance, and One-off emergency cash assistance.
Sectoral CVA is coordinated through Clusters, with the Cash Working Group (CWG) providing technical support at both Cluster and organization level. Sectoral CVA includes interventions under the FSS (i.e. vouchers for food), Shelter, WASH and Protection (GBV); along with Cash for Work activities.

Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) is able to provide comprehensive support to households (HH) with multi-sectoral needs.

And One-off emergency cash assistance, which supports meeting urgent needs through a one time injection of cash.

Targeting of CVA assistance will be coordinated in line with the emergency response mechanisms established by authorities and coordination agencies.
Coordination and alignment with Social Protection schemes is highly recommended.
Collaboration can be established in terms of financing, targeting, transfer values, distribution mechanisms, etc.


Targeting and cross-checking to be coordinated directly with relevant Ministries. A “good enough” approach is fine to be employed during conflict and in the immediate post-conflict period. A proper balance needs to be found between the extreme urgency of providing assistance and the need to ensure proper and fair targeting. Such an approach aiming at providing the most basic support, should be reviewed as soon as regular procedures can be established back.