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CrisisWatch May 2021

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Global Overview

CrisisWatch warns of two conflict risks in June.

  • Colombia’s Cali city is at a high risk of spiralling violence in coming weeks as anti-government protesters face an increasingly heavy security build-up and armed civilians.

  • A controversial constitutional referendum in Haiti on 27 June could worsen the political crisis and fuel violent unrest.

Our monthly conflict tracker highlights deteriorations in fourteen countries and conflict areas in May.

  • In Israel-Palestine, an eleven-day war between Israel and Gaza’s armed factions killed hundreds and sparked an unprecedented wave of unrest across Israel’s mixed cities.

  • Amid rising social discontent, Mali’s military junta staged another coup, which Bamako’s main international partners immediately condemned.

  • In the most significant conflict escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the Autumn 2020 war, deadly border clashes broke out.

  • Ahead of the 12 June legislative elections, Algeria’s authorities stepped up repression against the Hirak protest movement, quashing demonstrations and arresting scores.

  • Jakarta signalled a major crackdown on Papuan separatists by sending more military troops to Indonesia’s easternmost region following a series of armed attacks.

We also noted an improvement in Venezuela. President Maduro made several gestures signalling a possible willingness to negotiate with rivals, providing a rare opportunity to temper the country’s protracted political crisis.

Aside from the 70+ conflict situations we regularly assess, we also tracked notable developments in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, the Maldives, Morocco and Peru.