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Bangladesh: Plan 2010-2011 (MAABD001)

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Executive summary

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) as the leading humanitarian organization plays the leading role in responding to any disaster in Bangladesh and is working with the most vulnerable section of the population in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

The BDRCS priority areas are disaster management, health and care and organizational development focusing on the global agenda goals. The disaster management (DM) programme will focus on the following key issues: i) improving BDRCS's ability to predict and plan for disasters, so to mitigate the impact on vulnerable communities, and respond to and effectively cope with the consequences of a natural disaster; ii) improving disaster response assistance to meet the needs of people affected by disasters; iii) ensuring that communities are aware of disaster hazards and are capable of acting effectively to them during disasters; and iv) improving assistance to restore or improve pre-disaster living conditions and reducing the risk of future disasters. Besides the four main issues, the BDRCS's DM programme will also be focusing on Climate Change Adaptation activities, and preparing the communities to cope with the adverse effects of climate change. As the possibility of earthquakes taking place in Bangladesh is increasing, BDRCS is trying to create awareness among the people of Bangladesh through activities on earthquake preparedness and rescue programmes.