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National Society Preparedness – Newsletter (March 2021)

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On this issue:

  • Headline: Welcome to the National Society Preparedness Newsletter!

  • Experiences from National Societies from Central America, Beirut, Kenya, and more.

  • Resources: Watch a new NS Preparedness introductory video and access the Preparedness dashboards on Go Platform.

"The need to prepare for a world of unexpected shocks has become clearer than ever. Epidemics, floods, storms, droughts, and wildfires are all expected to become more frequent and severe, affecting hundreds of millions of people each year." - Jagan Chapagain, IFRC Secretary-General

Welcome to this new National Society Preparedness Newsletter!

We need to scale up risk reduction and preparedness now, prioritizing the most vulnerable people and ensuring no one is left behind. This means that we need to get our priorities right, use forecast science more intelligently to respond faster and more effectively integrate and localize our approaches. Recent epidemics like COVID-19 and climate disasters have shown that we must step up investment in preparedness now instead of waiting for the next crisis to hit. We know that investing in disaster preparedness is worth it – both in terms of human lives saved and economic returns. National Societies around the world are working to improve their preparedness to face epidemics, floods, storms, droughts and wildfires that are becoming more frequent and severe, in addition to other protracted and complex emergencies affecting hundreds of millions of people each year. Check the World Disasters Report 2020



Central America: Responding to two powerful hurricanes in the midst of a pandemic. Read more


Case Study: Chemical Explosion Beirut Port. Technological and Biological (CBRN) Hazard Preparedness. Read more

Consultation Report: Barriers and opportunities for a multi-hazards humanitarian approach. Read more


Strengthening preparedness for disasters, increasing the most vulnerable people's resilience, and saving lives are key areas of work of the Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies across Europe. Read more


Case Study: Strengthening capacities of National Societies in emergency WASH response and preparedness. Read more