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CCCM Cluster Mozambique – Corrane Relocation Site (May 2021)

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Nampula is one of the provinces where IDPs are accommodated in the host communities across many districts. For Nampula, the relocation to Corrane is done from two districts, namely: Cidade de Nampula and Meconta. In Meconta, the first phase of relocation was from the accommodation sites in schools in November 2020. IDPs were accommodated in four schools: Eduardo Mondlane, EPC Namialo-Sede, EPC Clube and EPC 25 de Setembro. For Cidade de Nampula, relocation was from the host community neighbourhoods. The last relocation in April 2021 was from the Namiepe and Militar neighbourhoods.

After relocating all IDPs from schools, the relocation was done at a relocation point in EPC Namialo, which is now active for any relocation onwards. So far, there are no IDPs in schools, all IDPs are in the host community.

Relocation /Concentration points:

• Meconta District – Namialo (EPC Namialo)

• Cidade de Nampula– Namicopo Posto (Namiepe Neigbourhood - Hospital)

• Cidade de Nampula - Military Neighbourhood (Bairro Militar/Campo Militar)