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UNHCR Cameroon MCO Factsheet - April 2021

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Cameroon hosts 1,945,610 persons of concern to UNHCR: 446,911 refugees and asylum seekers, 1,032,942 internally displaced persons (IDPs), (321,886 in the Far North and 711,056 in the North West and South West regions), and 465,757 returnees (former IDPs).
Gabon hosts 472 refugees and 62 asylum seekers.

UNHCR’s biometric verification registration operation in Douala was completed during the reporting period. 10,990 individuals in 5,390 households representing 67 per cent of persons of concern in the database were confirmed, including 1,082 individuals (729 households) from CAR, Niger, Mali and Chad who were newly registered.

The security situation in the North West and South West regions remained volatile with frequent use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and clashes between State and non-State armed group (NSAG), triggering the displacement of civilian population and affecting humanitarian access.