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Sri Lanka – Climate and Food Security Monitoring Bulletin Maha Season 2020/2021

Sri Lanka
Govt. Sri Lanka
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Key Highlights and Recommendations

Considerable rainfall distribution was observed during the North-East monsoon period and meteorological observation shows that above-normal rainfall in the northern region. The harvest of paddy and other food crops in “Maha” cropping season 2020/2021 was above-average compared to the past few years, and rice production will be sufficient for 10 months. Major reservoir storage levels are at 68 percent of their capacity at present whilst medium are at above 75 percent, which is very conducive for good “Yala” cropping season.

Current global climate outlooks for Pacific and Indian Oceans are showing neutral conditions of El-Nino/La-Nina condition and Indian Ocean Dipole condition from April to August, which are known to be influencing factors of the monsoon rains over Sri Lanka, indicates that there will be no major difference to average rainfall during this season. Meanwhile, anticipated pre-monsoon disturbances during May could result in some flooding in low lying areas of the South-Western region, while favourable for water storage in Dry & Intermediate zones