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COVID-19 Cases in the Gaza Strip - Weekly epidemiological bulletin from (04/04 TO 10/04 2021) AND (11/04 TO 17/04 2021)

territoire Palestinien occupé
Govt. of the State of Palestine
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• Decrease in total number of conducted tests (COVID-19 Antigen Rapid test and SARS-COV2-PCR test) to 24,812 between 11-17 April 2021 from 30,525 between 4-10 April 2021.

• Decrease in number of newly reported COVID-19 cases to 8,565 between 11-17 April from 11,088 between 4-10 April 2021.

• Decrease in newly reported COVID-19 cases and incidence per 100,000 population along all five Gaza Strip districts.

• Explanation for decrease in newly reported cases may be due limited laboratory reagents resulting in reduced number of tests among close contacts and suspected cases.