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Centro Agrário Temporary Site: Assessment on Community Engagement - April 2021

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One of the sites selected for the survey was Centro Agrário. This temporary site is based in an agricultural centre and was established on the 4 th of May 2020 following arrivals due to insecurity in Quissanga district. During the attacks in late 2020, additional IDPs arrived, coming from Mocimboa da Praia, Macomia and Palma increasing the site population. In January, permission was granted to aid organizations to provide temporary shelter support, greatly improving living conditions at the site.

Key Findings

• Overall, only 30 per cent respondents reported being able to read and write. Gender disaggregated results reveal that 20 per cent of the female respondents can read and write compared to the 80 per cent of the male respondents.

• The language spoken by all the respondent in the site are Mwani (80%) and Macua (70%).

• The most used source of information are community leaders (100%), although only 25 per cent of the respondents trust them as information source.

• Radio is the most trusted source of information (95%), although only 40 per cent of the respondents have access to it. The majority of IDPs with radio access (62%) listen to the radio early in the morning (between 5 to 8 am) and in the evening (5-8 pm).

• Gender disaggregated results show that, compared to female respondents, a higher percentage of male respondents have access to radios and mobile phones.

• Aid workers are considered overall the second most trusted source of information. Gender disaggregated results shows that women identified aid workers as the first most trusted source of information.

• Aid workers are mainly consulted on information regarding distribution of items and materials (95%), to request for assistance (95%) and for registering complaints (90%).

• News about their place of origin (100%) and the security situation at their place of origin (90%) and general news (90%) are the most requested information.

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