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The Manchester Briefing (Issue 35)

Univ. Manchester
Publication date

In this week’s Manchester Briefing we detail some COVID-19 topics our team is working on across three research areas: Communities; Systems; Recovery, Renewal, Resilience Frameworks. The briefing summarises six of our research topics and details how these aim to enhance understanding of Recovery, Renewal, Resilience in the context of COVID-19. Contact us to find out more.

We also share lessons from:

  • Vietnam – disaster-responsive social protection

  • Canada – tax-credits and other volunteer incentive programmes

  • Ireland – recovery of tourism

  • UK – Recovery and Renewal of town centres

  • United Nations – investment in universal health coverage

  • OECD – infrastructure investment

  • Tonga – climate change adaption strategies

  • USA – deliberative processes for recovery

Our case study spotlights a live research study which aims to learn from voluntary community response during the pandemic.