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Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Humanitarian Response - Health Cluster Bulletin (February - March 2021)

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• Training of vaccination teams in preparation for the covid-19 vaccination campaign was conducted in all districts

  • Several attacks conducted by NSAG have been reported in some districts of Cabo Delgado including Mueda, Nangade, and Palma.

  • Heavy rains created flooding in some areas including the 25 June accommodation centre in Metuge where over 15,000 IDPs are housed. Communal and individual latrines have collapsed due to soil saturation, numbers to be determined as some areas are inaccessible. A survey of the families that were affected by the flood are ongoing.

  • The decreasing trend of cholera cases continues to be observed in most of the districts of the Cabo Delgado province.

  • 3,127 health workers of a total eligible 4,037 were vaccinated against COVID-19, representing 77% coverage.

  • Updated mapping of available health services in the province has started and will provide an overview of available fixed and temporary health structures as well as mobile brigade and mobile clinic services to IDP settlements in the province. The mapping will inform and direct partners to locations where service gaps exist.

  • The province continues to face stock-outs of important health products including IV catheters, gloves and injectable antibiotics. Ad hoc donations were realized, structural solutions will need to be found.