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Yemen: Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin: Volume 09, lssue 13, Epi week 13, (29 March-4 April ,2021)

Govt. Yemen
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  • During week no.13,2021, %93 health facilites provided valid surveillance data.

  • The total number of consultation reported during the week was 292659 compared to 280004 the previous reporting week 13 Acute respiratory tract infections lower Respiratory Infections (LRTI), Upper Respiratory Infections (URTI), Other acute diarrhea (OAD) and Malaria (Mal) were the leading cause of morbidity this week.

  • A total of 1494 alerts were generated by eDEWS system in week 13- 2021, Of these 1493 alerts were verified as true for further investigations with appropriate response

Leading causes of morbidity mortality in Epi-Week 13,2021

  • (URTI) 14.1%, suspected Malaria (7.5%),(DD) (7.6%) and (LRTI) (6.1%)Remain the leading causes of morbidity representing a total of (35.3%)

  • Acute viral hepatitis, acute watery diarrhea and Schistosomiasis represented less than 1% of total morbidity in reporting period Bloody diarrhea represented 0.3% Of this morbidity

  • All diarrheal disease comprised 7.6% and LRTI 6.1% of total morbidity in pilot Governorates this week .

  • All diarrheal disease comprised 7.6% and OAD 6.9% of total morbidity in all age group