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Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture in SLM Project Townships: Harvest and Market Survey

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  • Rural farmers are bearing the triple burdens of Climate Change,
    COVID19 Pandemic and Political Crisis.

  • Political stability, provision of additional agriculture loan and suspension of interest repayments, promoting both short-term and long-term agricultural investments, creating platforms to improve access to both domestic and export markets and upscaling of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices in rural area are urgently needed to build resilience of vulnerable farmers.


The report provides an overview of the drivers affecting monsoon crops productions and market dynamics in NyaungU (Central Dry Zone) and Labutta (Delta Zone) townships since majority of farmers rely heavily on monsoon planting season and productions as a major source of income. This follow up survey was conducted during February 2021 when farmers had completed harvesting and selling of their harvests. The data collection was not successful in Mindat and Kyaukpadang due to recent political developments after February 1, 2021.

The first survey was conducted from 14 to 23 September 2020 in Mindat (Hilly Region), Nyaung U and Kyaukpadaung (Central Dry Zone), and Labutta (Delta Region) townships to measure the changes in monsoon crops planted area as compared to the previous years and the key drivers for those changes.